Dr. Cohen, a New Jersey-based licensed clinical psychologist specializing in forensic psychology, has conducted 100’s of forensic assessments and been retained or called by the defense, prosecution, and plaintiff’s counsel in a variety of criminal, civil, and administrative matters. He has also served as a court appointed expert pursuant to California Evidence Code 730 and conducted fitness for duty and pre-employment screenings for law enforcement agencies. His experience spans both state and federal systems and his doctoral dissertation involved an analysis of the Daubert trilogy as it pertains to psycholegal evidence and testimony. Dr. Cohen has advanced training in nonverbal behavior and was trained as a hostage negotiator by a federal law enforcement agency.

Although his practice is established on education, training and experience, his most prized asset is his work ethic. His dedication to producing timely, comprehensive, objective and defensible assessments is driven by an intrinsic passion.

Dr. Cohen is a member in the American Psychological Association (APA), American Psychology-Law Society (APA Division 41), Central Coast Psychological Association (CCPA), and the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ). Dr. Cohen has also volunteered his time to the Innocence Project and frequently accepts clients through “Give an Hour”; a charitable organization providing free psychological services to veterans and their families.

Dr. Cohen has extensive experience in the field of forensic psychology. His training and work history include:

· Private Practice

· Atascadero State Hospital

· Federal Bureau of Prisons - Federal Correctional Complex, Butner, NC

· Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center

· Maryland Divison of Correction

· Doctoral Dissertation: Involved an analysis of the Daubert trilogy codified into FRE 702 and the degree to which psycholelgal testimony meets this evidentry hurdle.